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Arvi is a city and municipal council in Maharashtra’s Wardha district. It became popular during the British reign because of its train, Shakuntla Express. Popularly known as the city of joy, Arvi has also been given the name, Tension Free City. Another name by which it is popular is the City of Saints.


History of Arvi

Arvi municipality came into being in 1867. The British developed it during their reign. In the year 1907, a lake called Sarangpuri was created here by the British. The water from this lake was supplied to the entire town and that too without using any electronic motor. Gravitational force was used to pull the water and supply it to various parts of the town. The city has been growing at a steady pace.

Notable Personalities from Arvi

Arvi has also been home for some notable personalities. Here is a look at the great souls who belong to this place.

Saint Pandurang Maharaj: He dedicated his entire life to spiritual enrichment. He spread Saint Tukaram’s teachings through his kirtans that were conducted in different parts of Maharashtra. He enlightened several people by his blissful lectures.

Saint Maybai
: Arvi is called the City of Saints for a reason and that is it gave us many saints. Saint Maybai was one of them. He treaded the path of spirituality and led a disciplined life. He preached the people to do the same.

Besides these learned saints, the city has also given us many educationists. No wonder Arvi gives competition to some of the top cities in Maharashtra when it comes to the literacy rate. These educationists have dedicated their entire lives for the city’s progress.

Geography of Arvi

The average elevation of Arvi is 828 meters. It is located at 20.59°N 79.14°E.

Distance of Arvi from Main Cities of Maharashtra

Arvi to Mumbai: 815.7 km
Time Taken: Approximately 15 hours

Arvi to Thane: 795.6 km
Time Taken: Approximately 14 hours 45 mins

Arvi to Pune: 715 km
Time Taken: Approximately 13 hours 40 mins

Arvi to Nashik: 663.7 km
Time Taken: Approximately 12 hours 40 mins

Arvi to Nagpur: 92 km
Time Taken: Approximately 2 hours

Administration of Arvi

The city’s administration is well intact. The Indian national congress has ruled here for several years and the city has seen good development during these years. The city has also boomed under the rule of Shri Dadaraoji Keche who is a BJP leader.

The city comes under the Wardha Constituency region of the Indian Parliament.

Economy of Arvi

Arvi is known for trading soyabean and cotton. Major share of the city’s economy comes from these two things. Arvi is also famous for its production of ghee. Arvi ghee is much in demand in the Vidarbha region and contributes a fair share to the city’s economy. There are many other small and big businesses that have added to Arvi’s economy in the past and continue to do so.

Culture of Arvi

People belonging to different religions including Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism reside in the city. Various festivals such as Diwali, Eid, Ganesh Utsav, Dahi Handi and Navratri are celebrated with great zeal and fervour here. Various social and cultural activities are organized during the festive season and people come out to enjoy the good time together.

Tourism in Arvi

When it comes to tourism, there is not much that you shall be able to see here. A few places of interest in and around the city are mentioned below:

Lokamanya Vachnalaya: It is suggested to visit the Lokamanya Vachnalaya on your visit to the city. This is a huge library that includes over 1 lakh books on different subjects. Several cultural activities and social gatherings are held here from time to time. Art lovers are especially seen flocking this place during such events. If you are an avid reader then this is a must visit for you.

Ambika Temple: This temple is located at Kundinpur which lies at a distance of a few km from Arvi. This temple is famous for its religious connotations. It is said to be the place from where Draupadi Haran was done in Mahabharat. If you are in Arvi during Navratri then don’t miss the celebration held here.

Vitthala Temple: The temple situated on the banks of Wardha river is also visited by large number of pilgrims. It hosts the Aashadi Ekadashi and Kartik pilgrimage. A Yatra is also organized on large scale during this time. People from the city as well as other parts of the state take part in this procession.

Hill Stations Near Arvi



Distance from Arvi: 270 km
Time Taken: Approximately 5 hours 40 mins

Chikhaldara, located in the Amrvati district, is one of the nearest hill stations from Arvi. It is known for its picturesque landscapes and serene atmosphere. Semadoh lake, Hurricane point, Devi point, Gavigad and Narnala Fort, Tribal Museum and Nehru Botanical Gardens are among the few places of interest here. It is best to visit the place between October and June.

Distance from Arvi: 658 km
Time Taken: Approximately 12 hours 35 mins

The place offers respite from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The place is known to host the Mahashivratri festival on a large scale. It attracts several Hindu pilgrims around this time. Known for its scenic beauty, the place has several tourist spots including the Seven Steps View Point, Nagarjun Point, Sunset Point, Gorakshaknath Temple, Lotus Lake, Yashwant Lake and Coffee Garden.

Distance from Arvi: 693 km
Time Taken: Approximately: 13 hours

Situated at an elevation of 600 meters above the sea level, Igatpuri is known for its tranquil atmosphere. It houses many well known meditation centers. This is the best place for those of you looking forward to take some time off to look within. It is also a good place for the adventure seekers. If you love hiking and trekking then the place should interest you. Dhammagiri Meditational Centre, Amruteshwar Temple, Ghatandevi Temple, Bhatsa River Valley, Camel Valley and Tringalwadi fort are among the popular tourist attractions here.

Transportation System in Arvi

By Road
Arvi is connected to various towns and cities within Maharashtra via road. You can also catch a bus if you are looking forward to commute from one place to another within the state. The bus service here is good.

By Rail
The nearest railway station located here is the Pulgoan Junction which lies at a distance of 35 km from the place. You can catch trains to different parts of the country from here.
By Air
If you are planning an international travel or want to reach another place within the country by air then the Nagpur Airport is the nearest to your city. It is situated at a distance of 100 km from Arvi.

Fact File of Arvi

District: Wardha
Population: 90254 as of 2001
: Marathi
PIN: 442201
Telephone Code: 07157
Vehicle Registration: MH-32
Time Zone: IST (UTC+5:30)

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